Lampilert (AT&T Hackathon)

Lampilert, a Raspberry Pi powered lamp and paired Android app, was a result of the AT&T IoT Hackathon held in Los Angeles, CA. As a result of our teamwork and efforts, we secured 2nd place in the competition.
Team Members : Anuja Upadhye, Kim Todd, Amalu Island Village, Ian Chidester, Daniel Luft-Martinez




Lampilert was the result of 24 hours of non-stop brainstorming, work, collaboration, modification, and reiteration that took place at the AT&T IoT Hackathon held in Los Angeles on October 14, 2016. The goal was to create an IoT focused project which we used for a reminder application for Android. I contributed as the Visual and UX Designer for the mobile app of this project where I designed the on-boarding tutorial, initial app set up screens for the user. I also designed the logo for the mobile app.


Most of us rely on our mobile phones to organize our day. One of the important application that help us keep track of our appointments is the calendar with reminders. However, there are times in each one of our lives when we just do not have time to look at our phones to check our appointments. Lampilert helps you stay on track of your day  while at the same time being able to put the phone down and fully engage with the activity at hand. Lampilert is a lamp that syncs with your calendars, GPS location, current traffic conditions and reminds you of your appointments by glowing. Lampilert lets you work on your projects without having to be distracted by constant unimportant notifications and reminds you of your appointments by glowing. 


All the ideas, suggestions and task assignments were organized using Trello. 

Mindmaps were used to consolidate ideas.


Wireframes for each frame of the app.

Lampilert Wireframes

Logo Design

Sketches for the logo using the mind-maps were produced. The team voted for sketch no.5  as the final logo.


 These were the main colors used for the branding of Lampilert

These were the main colors used for the branding of Lampilert

 Lampilert Icon

Lampilert Icon

Tutorial for First Time Users

Lampilert welcome screen and tutorial for first-time users. 

Pictures of the Hackathon and Lampilert